Thursday, August 23, 2012

€10,000 Man

The Galway Advertiser brings new of the Escorts - the 2012 Escort of the year is Ballinasloe man Ian Cullinane.

His prize? €10,000 worth of Newbridge Silverware. So the Galway Advertiser says.

More on Ian here.

What did the Luxembourgers ever do for us?

The has some facts for us all to digest.

The Rose of Tralee and 7 other things Luxembourg has given us.

Get the answers here.

All happy

Rose of Tralee Nicola McEvoy with her parents, Michael and Mary: they stayed up all night talking, along with boyfriend Eamonn Dunne.
pic c/o Irish Times
Pictured above are Nicola McEvoy 2012 Rose of Tralee, with her parents Michael and Mary, from an article in the Irish Times.

It's a great bit of stuff altogether - here is a piece of the article "It would be great, journalistically speaking, to report that on the morning after being crowned the 53rd Rose of Tralee, Luxembourg Rose Nicola McEvoy staggered into the media room at the Carlton Hotel in a crumpled hoodie, swigging from a two-litre bottle of Coke. It would also be great, journalistically speaking, to report that the 26-year-old teacher and I then came to blows over who got to have the last Alka-Seltzer, while Dáithí Ó Sé chanted “Fight! Fight!” and a Rosebud wept".

You surely must read the rest, here at the Irish Times.

2011 meets 2012

Siobheal Nic Eochaidh c/o
The site just keeps on giving - giving us items from around the fringes of the Rose Tralee. You must remember our hip-hopping Dublin Rose from 2011 - god how could you forget. Well that was Siobheal Nic Eochaidh. We are informed by that Siobhan has a new boyfriend in the shape of 2012 Escort Brian Staunton.

If you got this far I am sure you would love to read more about the two love-birds. Go here for all the info.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three Kisses, please

Nicola McEvoy c/o Irish Independent

The longest article on the winning 2012 Rose of Tralee, Nicola NcEvoy, is to be found at the Irish Independent (thus far, I should say). We quote ""The one that couldn't stop kissing me on stage last night," according to host Daithi O Se will be giving her three kisses on the cheek to even more people as she begins the year ahead representing the Rose of Tralee festival at home and abroad".

This is the link - Irish Independent.

West Cork Claims 2012 Rose Crown

pic c/o
Ah yes, there's always one. Nicola McEvoy (Luxemburg Rose) has been crowned 2012 Rose of Tralee. Luxemburg, as in the the small country. The site tells us "Nicola from Kerry Pike, has in fact good West Cork routes from the tourist-Mecca of Kinsale on the sometimes-sunny West Cork coast where her grandparents still live".

Ahh sure why not.

More here.

Nicola- from her bed!

This is the RTE piece about Nicola, 2012 Rose of Tralee - interviewed in her bed on the first day of her reign!