Saturday, August 22, 2009

Derby Girl

This is Cathrina McGuinness, the 2009 Derby Rose, at her selection night. Go to for more.

Successful :  Cathrina McGuinness with her trophy
The Irish Post has a report on Cathrina - "A three-month stint in Tanzania has given Cathrina McGuinness the courage to take part in the Derby Rose of Tralee.

The 19-year-old lives in Littleover but was born in Chessington, Surrey.

She claims her ‘amazing experience’ in the east African state led her to take the plunge after years of feeling too nervous to enter the popular competition.

Cathrina, who is currently on a gap year before staring a psychology degree at Nottingham University in October, said: “I took a three month trip to Tanzania last year as part of my gap year.

I was teaching English at an all-girls secondary school and helping to improve their sports department, and it was truly amazing.”

She added: “I think that experience has had a lot to do with me taking part in the Rose of Tralee as it gave me confidence and means I now have some interesting experiences to tell people about.”

Cathrina has a background in Irish dancing, a love of Irish music and parents who hail from counties Westmeath and Offaly.

She said: “I am very in touch with my Irish roots and have always loved the Rose of Tralee contest. My auntie used to tape it for me and send it over every year.”

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