Thursday, September 3, 2009

London ? Kildare? Charmaine is International

Here again we have Charmaine Kenny, her family and her boyfriend at the Final night.
The Kildare Nationalist goes big on Chamaine, all because of her Kildare Connections. A quote from the article, "Tributes have been paid to the 26-year-old since her win. Athy Chamber was effusive in its praise, and noted: “Just in case anybody needed reassurance that Athy is a town full of wonderful talented people who bestride the world stage, this year the Rose of Tralee competition had three Roses born in Athy; the Kildare Rose, Erika Kelly, the Syndey Rose, Romy Farrelly and the London Rose, Charmaine Kenny.
In addition to this, the Kildare Nationalist reported "Labour Cllr Mark Wall also congratulated Charmaine, saying her victory “has certainly put Athy on the international map”.
Read all about it here.

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