Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jessica is on her way

Jessica Adamson, the 2010 Carlow Rose, has made it through the regional finals in Portlaoise - she is now headed for Tralee in August. We gather this news from the Carlow Nationalist.

And how did the competetion go? The Carlow Nationalist reports ' "It went very, very well, even though I was really nervous,” said a jubilant Jessie on Monday morning after only an hour’s sleep thanks to the lengthy celebrations. “There were 29 girls over the two nights and we spent the whole weekend living in each other’s pockets. They were all amazing. Half of us went on Saturday night and the other half was on Sunday night, and I was nearly as sick as a dog waiting to go on. But the escorts were back stage and they were really great. Then I went on stage and I was grand. It was brilliant to see all the Carlow flags out in the crowd" '.

Read it here.

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