Friday, July 16, 2010

New York snippet

The website Irish Central has a full feature about the 2010 New York Rose selection, you can also hear the various contestants being interviewed at the site. Katie Dunleavy emerged as the 2010 New York Rose.

The Irish Central reports as follows;  "Katie Dunleavy is sponsored by Burgen County St Patrick’s Day. For her ‘piece’ she talked about her visit to Ireland weeks ago and her family heritage. Both Katie’s parents are from Dublin and this is the first personality selection which she’s done. She says that it would be the “experience of a lifetime” to be elected the New York rose and says that she’d love to see Tralee. Both her parents came from Dublin. She’s currently pursuing a dual PhD/MD degree with the aspiration of qualifying as a research doctor. She’d love to travel to South Africa, Egypt and the Vatican – and of course to Ireland!"

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