Thursday, August 26, 2010

Less than 40 winks is good for you

How would you look in the morning if you only had 1.5 hours sleep? Not as good as Clare Kambamettu, 2010 Rose of Tralee. The photo appears in the Irish Times.
To quote from the article - '"It's in the unofficial job description. A Rose of Tralee must be able to party all night and emerge by breakfast looking as though she has had her full eight hours in the scratcher.So in keeping with tradition, London Rose Clare Kambamettu (26) from Co Kildare, the 52nd Rose of Tralee, turned up looking radiant, clear-skinned and sparkly eyed after 1½ hours of sleep yesterday morning.
By 9.30am she was on her fifth appointment of the day. “I went to bed at quarter past five and I’ve been up since before seven so it’s been a hectic couple of hours,” she smiled, her voice hoarse. “I’m just getting used to all this.”'

There's a lot more in the article - here.

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