Friday, May 11, 2012

Derby set for Portlaoise

Olivia Markantonakis c/o Irish Post
Olivia Markantonakis is the 2012 Derby Rose. How is Daithi going to handle that surname? With Kery aplomb I'm sure. The Irish Post informs us that Olivia is a very talented woman - especially in the music department. Just read this from the article;  "The ambitious blonde, whose favourite artist is Adele, is a member of a Motown girl band. And she wowed the judges by singing an Irish folk song on the night as her party piece.
The former University of Lincoln drama student says she wants to pursue a career as a professional singer and plans moves to London in September to attend music college.
“I’m always singing,” she said. “I play piano, guitar and write my own music based on what’s happening in my life. I’ve just recorded an 11 track CD with a mixture of contemporary classics and Irish songs for Macmillan Cancer Research.”
Olivia also runs a Saturday theatre club called The Dee Gees."

So now you know.

Read it all at the Irish Post

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