Sunday, August 19, 2012

OK, ask me a question

Ann-Marie Lynch - New York Rose c/o The Score

The Score has a great quiz all about the 2012 Roses. We reproduce the questions here, but you will need to visit The Score for the answers - nothing is easy in this life!

The picture above is also from The Score - it is part of a slideshow of photos of all the Roses.

Those pesky questions;
  • a. This 26-year-old was a housekeeper to six priests and worked in the largest sheep abattoir in Australia.
  • b. This 21-year-old recently adopted a wild mustang and called her Rosie.
  • c. This 23-year-old will soon begin working as an allocation analyst after graduating with a degree in Economics & International Affairs (Bonus points if you know what an allocation analyst is)
  • d. This 21-year-old plays ladies football, sings, acts, dances, plays the piano and dabbles in a bit of tag rugby.
  • e. This 23-year-old can help relieve you of your bad habits and phobias.
  • f. This 27-year-old once saved a woman from drowning in Portnoo, Donegal.
  • g. This 27-year-old was an international gymnast and holds the record for the longest handstand at her local gym.
  • h. This 27-year-old has just taken up running to see why people enjoy it.

  • i. This 25-year-old can change a tyre, flush plasterboard and make a wedding cake.
  • j. This 24-year-old enjoys spontaneous dancing.
  • k. This 25-year-old can sail a square-rigged vessel and has learned Kung Fu.
  • l. This 21-year-old loves pate, chocolate, shoes and banter.
  • m. This 22-year-old wants to get more young people interested in farming.
  • n. This 25-year-old knows how to play the saxophone and her ‘likes’ include chocolate, flowers, gardens and open fires.
  • o. This 22-year-old came second place in Cavan’s Got Talent.
  • p. This 21-year-old is a Zumba instructor who is a big fan of seafood and Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s Day parades.
  • q. This 19-year-old has participated in the World Irish Dancing Championships.
  • r. This 25-year-old has completed a 20-mile obstacle course in mud.
  • s. This 26-year-old wants to own a coffee shop and visit all the islands off the coast of Ireland.
  • t. This 26-year-old plays GAA with French, German and Scandinavian women.
  • u. This 27-year-old wants kids to eat more fruit and vegetables.
  • v. This 23-year-old is fascinated by the speedy weight-loss of horseracing jockeys.
  • w. This 18-year-old writes poetry, plays the flute, swims, dances, has taken part in charity fashion shows and used to have her own fashion blog.
  • x. This 24-year-old was named the Most Charitable Student at her school. Her mother and father also met at the Rose of Tralee festival. Awww.
  • y. This 24-year-old loves nibbling on cheese and strawberries and has met the Dalai Lama.
  • z. This 25-year-old has met with Queen Elizabeth II.
  • aa. This 23-year-old has abseiled the Europa Hotel in Belfast.
  • bb. This 22-year-old is passionate about the bagpipes.
  • cc. This 24-year-old is such a clean-freak she set up her own cleaning company.
  • dd. This 27-year-old has a weakness for chicken, stuffing and mayonnaise sandwiches.
  • ee. This 23-year-old is an aspiring actress and part-time pub worker.
  • ff. This 27-year-old travelled outside her country for the first time in April.

  • And the answers? Here at The Score

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